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*Domestic Surveillance Topic*
1960 Presidential Debate
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2008-09 CX Counterplans File
2008-09 CX Global Warming File
2008-09 CX Oil Disadvantages File
2008-09 CX Renewables File
2008-09 CX Starter Package
2008-09 CX Tax Shifting AFF
2008-09 CX Tax Shifting NEG
2008-09 CX Topicality File
2008-09 CX Tort Liability AFF File
2008-09 CX Tort Liability NEG File
2010 LD Sept/Oct - Possession of Nuclear Weapons - Addendum File
20102011 CX Starter Set Military Presence
2012 Presidential Debates
2012-13 NFL LD Subscription Pre-Order
2012-13 NFL PFD Subscription (Will Be Emailed)
2012-13 UIL LD Subscription Pre-Order
2013 PFD NFL October Topic File - Pre-Order
2014-15 UIL LD File Subscription - Pre-Order
2016 LD NSDA September/October - Nuclear Power
2016 NSDA November / December File - Qualified Immunity
2016 UIL Fall Topic File - 2-Party System
2017 LD NSDA January / February - Free Speech on Campus
2017 LD NSDA Nationals Topic File - Civil Liberties vs. National Security
2017 NSDA March / April - Housing
2017 UIL Spring File - Globalization
2017-18 UIL Fall/Spring Subscription
201718 NSDA LD Subscription (Pre-Order)
Abe Lincoln Poster
Administrative State DA
Advanced CX Powerpoint
Afghanistan NEG
Alternative Energy
April 2017 - Electoral College
Argumentation Poster Set
Argumentation Posters (New!)
Aristotle Poster
Aristotle Poster (New!)
Attention Getters Poster
Attention Getters Poster
Ayn Rand Poster
Baby Jesus
Barbara Jordan Poster
Barbara Jordan Poster
Barry Goldwater Poster
Barry Goldwater Poster
Baudrillard Poster
Beginner CX Powerpoint
Body Methods Poster
Butler Poster
Case Turns for Capitalism Bad Affirmatives (LD)
Child Welfare NEG
Citations Poster
Code of Intellectual Conduct for Effective Communication
Come & Debate It Poster
Common Answers To Counterplans Poster
Common Answers To Disadvantages Poster
Common Answers To Kritiks Poster
Common Answers to Topicality Poster
Communication Applications Poster Set (New!)
Communication Applications Poster Set (New!)
Communication Model Poster
Communication Model Poster
Communications Poster Set
Components of Persuasion
Counterplans Poster
Criterion Poster
Crossexamination Poster
CX 2008-09 Global Warming File
CX 2008-2009 Tort Liability AFF File
CX Counterplans Poster
CX Crossexamination Poster
CX Disadvantages Poster
CX File Samples
CX Flow Code Poster
CX Flowing Symbols Poster
CX Hybrid File System for Novice Debaters 201112 (Space Topic)
CX Hybrid File System for Novice Debaters 201213 (Transportation Topic)
CX Hybrid File System Sample
CX Judges Poster
CX Kritiks Poster
CX Negative Positions Poster
CX Poster Set
CX Poster Set (New!)
CX Posters
CX Posters (New!)
CX Powerpoint Package
CX Products
CX Speech Times Poster
CX Speech Times Poster
CX Stock Issues Poster
CX Topicality Poster
December 2016 - Plan Colombia
Delivery Methods Poster
Delivery Methods Poster
Dimensions of Self-Concept (Intrapersonal Poster)
Disadvantages Poster
Disaster Relief AFF
Disaster Relief NEG
Douglas MacArthur Poster
Easter Island Debate Team Poster
Economics PowerPoint Presentation
Education Topic
Education Topic*
Evidence Diagram
Extemp Powerpoint
FDR Poster
FDR Poster
February 2017 - Cuba
Final Focus
Final Focus Poster
Foucault Poster
Free Downloads
Good & Bad Arguments Poster
Good Conclusions Poster
Good Conclusions Poster
Good Introductions Poster
Good Introductions Poster
Great American Speakers Poster Set
Great American Speakers Poster Set (New!)
Great American Speakers Posters
Great American Speakers Set (New!)
Hobbes Poster
Hobbes Poster (New!)
ICC Addendum File
Intrapersonal Poster Set - All 10 (Save $55)
Intrapersonal Posters (New!)
Introduction to Debate and Logic (2nd Ed.)
Iraq NEG
Iraq Private Military Forces (PMFs) AFF
Iwo Jima Poster
James Poster
James Poster (New!)
January 2017 - Military Spending
Japan NEG
JFK Poster
JFK Poster
Judge Adaptation Poster
Kant Poster
Kant Poster (New!)
Karl Popper Debate Powerpoint
Know Your CX Judge Poster
Kritik of Identity Politics (LD)
Kritik of Postmodernism (LD)
Kritik of Poverty Rhetoric
Kritiks Poster
Kuwait NEG
LD Addendum Files
LD Case Writing Checklist Poster
LD Casewriting Poster (New!)
LD Criterion Poster (New!)
LD Debate Powerpoint
LD Definitions Poster
LD Definitions Poster (New!)
LD Excel Flowsheet
LD File Sample
LD File Samples
LD Flow Code Chart (New!)
LD Flowing Symbols Chart Poster
LD Judge Paradigms Poster
LD Judge Paradigms Poster (New!)
LD Lexicon Poster (New!)
LD Positions
LD Poster Set
LD Posters (New!)
LD Posters (Original Set)
LD Products
LD Speech Times (4 minute prep time version)
LD Speech Times Poster (New!)
LD Standards Poster (New!)
LD Topics Poster
LD Topics Poster (New!)
LD Values Poster (New!)
Legal Services AFF
Legal Services NEG
Lexicon Poster
Lincoln Poster
Locke Poster
Locke Poster (New!)
Logical Fallacies Poster
Macarthur Poster
March 2017 - Two-State Solution
Marx Poster
Military Presence
Mill Poster
Mill Poster (New!)
MLK Poster
MLK Poster
Moral Theories and Moral Obligations (2nd Ed.)
National Journal of Speech & Debate
New LD Poster Set
New Philosopher Poster Set
Nietzsche Poster
NJSD Vol. I Issue 1
NJSD Volume I Issue 2
November 2016 - Internet of Things
NSDA Nationals 2017 - East Africa
NSDA Novice LD Sept./Oct. - Civil Disobedience
NSJD Volume I
Objectives of the CX Period
Objectivism File
Oceans Topic
October 2014 - Pre-Order
Organizing the Body of a Speech Poster
Parts of a Presentation Poster
Parts of a Presentation Poster
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Perception (Intrapersonal Poster)
Perception Checks (Intrapersonal Poster)
Perms Poster
Personal Perception (Intrapersonal Poster)
Persuasive Components Poster
PF Prep Time Tips
PFD 2009 NFL Nationals Cuba Relations Topic File
PFD Excel Flow Template
PFD Excel Flow Template
PFD File Sample
PFD Judges
PFD Poster Set
PFD Posters
PFD Posters (New!)
PFD Prep Time
PFD Products
PFD Sample File
PFD Sample Flows
PFD Speech Poster Set
PFD Speech Times
PFD Speech Times
PFD Subscription 201718 (Pre-Order)
PFD Summay Speeches
Philosophers Poster Set
Philosophers Posters (New!)
Philosophers Posters (Prior Versions)
Plato Poster
Plato Poster (New!)
Presidential Debates (New!)
Presidential Debates POSTER SET
Pro & Con
Proxemics Poster
Proxemics Poster
Public Forum Powerpoint
Purposes of Argumentation Poster
Rand Poster (New!)
Rawls Poster
Rawls Poster (New!)
Reagan Poster
Role of the Ballot Kritik (LD)
Ronald Reagan Poster
Rosie Poster
Rousseau Poster
Rousseau Poster (New!)
Sample Flows
Selective Perception (Intrapersonal Poster)
Self Concept (Intrapersonal Poster)
Self Disclosure (Intrapersonal Poster)
Self Talk (Intrapersonal Poster)
Self-fulfilling Prophecy (Intrapersonal Poster)
September October MEGAFILE 2016 - School Searches
Sides of the Debate Poster
Sole Source Provider Form
Sole Source Provider Form
South Korea NEG
Space Topic
Speech Communication Posters
Speech Times (CX, LD, PFD)
Speech Times (CX, PFD, LD)
Standards Poster
Statue of Liberty Poster
Stock Issues Poster
Successful Communication Style (Intrapersonal Poster)
Summary Speeches Poster
Susan B. Anthony Poster
Susan B. Anthony Poster
Syllogisms Poster
TFF CX Theory File
The Coin Toss Poster
The Cointoss
The Crossfire
The LD Files
The Neg Positions Poster
The Public Forum Debate: Guidelines for Success (2nd Ed.)
Tips for Crossfire Poster
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Topicality - Military Presence
Topicality - Poverty
Topicality Poster
Transportation Topic
Turkey TNWs AFF
Turkey TNWs NEG
Turn Poster
Values Poster
Variety Posters (New!)
Verbal Pauses Poster
Verbal Pauses Poster
W9 Tax Form
Warning Sings Poster
Weighing Arguments in Debate
Welfare State Kritik
What's Not an Argument Poster
Who Crossfires Who?
Who Crossfires Whom?
Winning LD Debate Tournaments (2nd Ed.)
Woodrow Wilson Poster
Woodrow Wilson Poster