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CX Hybrid File System for Novice Debaters 2011–12 (Space Topic)

CX Hybrid File System for Novice Debaters 2011–12 (Space Topic)
Item# 201112-cx-hybrid-file-201112

Product Description

Overview––TFF is proud to announce its new CX Debate Hybrid File System for Novice Debaters! Fusing the traditional style of debate files with the instructional aspects of a textbook or classroom lecture, TFF has fashioned this innovative filing system to address the problems inherent to traditional files: difficulty of use, inaccessibility to novice debaters, and static organizational structure. Like traditional files, the Hybrid System offers evidence for affirmative cases and negative positions. But in addition, the Hybrid System offers so much more.

Ease of Use. The primary difficulty with using traditional files is that they are not accessible to newer debaters because they include no instructions on how each part of the file is supposed to be used and when. TFF’s Hybrid System combines instructional materials with traditional topic files to offer you the most straightforward and easy-to-use system available.

Best System for Novice Debaters. Our Hybrid System is uniquely crafted for new debaters. Unlike others’ files, our Hybrid System combines instructional materials with traditional topic files. As a result, our Hybrid System is so easy to use that any novice could pick up the files in our system and start debating immediately.

Flexible Compatibility. Another problem with traditional files is that there are so many out there that the tasks of collecting and managing them all become overwhelming. And much of the time is spent on files that are never used in a debate. Our Hybrid System is the best system on the market, enabling the incorporation of any other file from any other source to avoid the unnecessary evidence stockpile. For example, TFF’s Hybrid System enables incorporation of evidence from the Open Evidence Project and other companies into the System.

A Team-Structured System. Unlike other systems, our Hybrid System comes with guidance for coaches and debaters on managing, updating, and customizing the system to fit the particular needs of the entire team.

Contents Include:
Lunar Property Rights AFF
Private Sector CP
NASA Adminstration DA
Rights Kritik
Additional Case Arguments
Opponent Info Book
Judge Info Book
In-round Instructional Powerpoints

–NOTICE: This is a brand new and unique File system different from our previous years' files. Please download our sample from our FREE DOWNLOADS page to see a sample of how the System works.