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2008-09 CX Starter Package

2008-09 CX Starter Package
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Product Description

The 2008-09 CX Starter Package is great way to get your students started debating early on the new topic. The Starter Package comes with 2 affirmative cases and 2 case negative files, disadvantages, counterplans, and topicality files and much more.

The Starter Package contains all of the following files:

Tort Liability AFF: This 74-page file includes an affirmative case that limits the liability of companies that are responsible for CO2 emissions in lawsuits filed against those companies by individuals who claim to be harmed by global warming. It contains a pre-written 1AC and preflow ready for practice debates, extensions for harms, inherency and solvency, 2AC add on advantage, and other 2AC responses to negative arguments.

Tort Liability NEG: This 38-page case negative file comes with negative arguments to be made against the Tort Liability case and other similar cases. It includes arguments against the inherency, advantages, and solvency of the 1AC; a case-specific Victim Compensation disad and case-specific disad links.

Tax Shifting AFF: This 98-page file includes an affirmative case that shifts tax incentives from coal to alternative energy. The file comes complete with a pre-written 1AC and preflow ready for practice debates; harms, inherency, and solvency extensions; 2AC add-on advantages, and 2AC responses to common negative positions.

Tax Shifting NEG: This 32-page file includes negative arguments against the Tax Shifting AFF and other similar cases. It includes evidence against the advantages, inherency, and solvency contentions; case-specific disad links and case-specific counterplan solvency.

Counterplans File: This 80-page file includes pre-written 1NC positions ready to be used in practice or actual debates; net benefits; extensions for the 2NC and/or 1NR; and affirmative answers to the main arguments of the counterplans. The file includes the States Counterplan, Adaptation Counterplan, Public Trust Counterplan, and the ANWR Drilling Counterplan.

Topicality File: This 99-page file includes definitions of the key terms and phrases of the resolution, 8 separate topicality violations ready to be read for the 1NC. Each topicality violation comes with a 1NC ready to be read in practice or actual debates, 2NC/1NR overview, 2NR overview, and answers to common affirmative answers to the specific position. The file also includes responses to common generic arguments affirmative teams make against topicality. The file also has a template for creating your own topicality violations on the spot. The definitions from the file can be incorporated into this template and analysis can be easily filled in.

Oil Disadvantages: This 108-page file includes 3 scenario-specific disadvantages to reducing dependence on oil (Russia, Saudi Arabia and Mexico). Each scenario comes with extensions for the 2NC/1NR as well as general extensions for common arguments that apply to all 3 scenarios. The file comes complete with extensive affirmative answers that could also double as 1AC advantages to many cases.

Renewables File: This 249-page file includes evidence on the pros and cons of various renewable and alternative energy sources including: general renewables, solar power, space solar power, wind power, off shore wind power, hydrogen fuel, ethanol, biodiesel, nuclear power, hydropower, OTEC, and geothermal power. The evidence supporting the particular alternative energy source can be used as 1AC solvency evidence for promoting a specific type of alternative energy or as solvency for a counterplan that promotes an different type of alternative energy. The evidence arguing against the use of particular renewables can be used as disadvantages or solvency take outs. It can also be used for affirmative teams responding to counterplans that advocate a different form of alternative energy than what the 1AC advocates.

Global Warming File: This 129-page file covers the ins and outs of the global warming debate. It comes complete with evidence support and refuting the existence of global warming, its causes and its impacts.